Baby i’m so lonely (・∩・)

O h a y o u !!!
3 days a go i dinner with my big family in pizza hut !
it was fun to met they again 
since my cousin is already work , and they work not in my city and they just back to my city once or twice in a year .

my cousin and my family so care with me 
since i’m the youngest child in my big family
they always play with me when i was child
but now , they don’t have time to play with me because they are already work. p(・∩・)q

sometimes , life is cruel …
i miss the old you , my family … (。_。)

being teenager is sucks … i’m lonelier for year to year when idul fitri comes
they even not going home to my hometown because of work … and some family fight.
so this year is loneliest idul fitri for me p(・∩・)q

i hope they go to our hometown next year …
i wanna cry write this 


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