Naachy’s High school life

hello … a long long time i don’t update this blog…

so today i decide to post again . 

finally i’m a high school teenager !

am i mature enough to say a middle schooler ‘botcah?’


so i went to a favorite school in my town , my high school is not too far from my home.

and i met many new friends! most of them wear hijab , i’m gonna wear hijab too tomorrow 🙂

i also met many handsome and good-looking boys! hahahah

some of them have the ‘prince’ quality like in the shoujo manga , unfortunately he is so quiet . maybe because he have a gf ?

i also found a boy who at my type , he is soooo cuteee! i want too take him home but i will be presumed as a pyscho killer lol.

ah btw , my type is the baby-face one , cute boy , shota .

yeah , i’m a shota-con! 😛 

and some of them don’t have a good looking face , but have a nice personality! it makes me cozy around him , i think has a nice personality is way waaaaaaaay better than have a good looking face but with a cool heart :p 






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