NTR manga called haru yo koi

today , i should share my readlist collection of manga .

i prefer read the ecchi one , but NTR is not bad (but i really hate harem lol)

this manga called Haru yo koi , the genre is mature , ecchi and also… NTR 


this story about man who live together w/ her little sister to watch her little sister why she expelled from school ( i was thought this would be incest lol )

surprisingly , his little sister is expelled cuz she is a lesbian .

n she often did the ‘lesbian things’ with his gf in school , and they got busted and expelled .

his little sister gf decided to live in a same house with the man and the little sister.

and the story start here.

okay , before i spread many spoilers . i should give u Haru Yo Koi preview


what do u think about unrequited love … ? you will get so many FEEL TOUR in this manga




do you ever cried and sad because you dumped by someone?

or you ever dumped someone but still think it’s unfair if your crush not give you no attention at all? you should just read this manga . it thought me many things about love. yeah , hail NTR 



do you really angry with a douchebag who always plays with girl’s heart?

u should read this manga too know how to handle them





okay , end of my post . interesting manga so far , but i got lot manga who have many interest lately . i will upload and post the synopsis soon . hope u like this :3


all hail NTR!!





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