New kind of people i discovered

hello fella . 

i’ve been tired in physical all day long ,

and today i must accept the reality that i hurt in mentally too.

but mentally hurt can surpass physical hurt … trust me. :’)


so there’s a girl . new kind of bitchy people in my school

she’s so so . i don’t find her attractive at all.

i don’t know why indonesian people love a beautiful face with a boring personality .

so we’re a classmate

and she only responded a chat for people she know and people (i think) attractive.

but when there’s a few 2 / 3 people who she don’t know (and she don’t want to know maybe) she ignored that kind of people.


what a bitchy and ignorant biatch , huh??!

i wanna slap this kind of attention seeker !!! 

sadly no one won’t hear me…




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